Hat Making Sizing Guide

Download this easy hat-making guide to check your head shape & size for making buckram fabric covered full sized hats for Steampunk, Victorian and cosplay costuming. This will help you choose which of our digital PDF hat pattern sizes to print off and cut out. 

Glue the template to card. Allow to dry and measure your head with tape measure. Cut out the size closest to your head size, start smaller and cut larger, until you can fit to your your head, just above the ears. Keep exactly on the lines – it may not be 100% touching all way around yet.

The patterns includes an allowance for the width of buckram and materials, to a point! If you are using a thicker fabric than lining, such as velvet on under brim be prepared to make the head oval opening larger and hat sides to match. 

If your head shape fits the oval exactly that great easy you are finished, cut out the hat pattern that is your size exactly as its printed. However not all heads are this oval and you may find the width is correct but the length is too big, or too small. Use this as a template to plan padding or adjusting the final hat. 

If you are going to be wearing wigs or hairpieces you need to measure and fit OVER these. Buy a cheap Polystyrene head and pad to your size, for under $5 they will help you shape and fit to perfection.



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