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1950´s French Pattern, comes with English Translation.

Original Vintage Sewing Pattern In Larger Sizes.

This sewing pattern was originally published in 1953, France. It’s available in 4 size groups, suitable from a 32″ bust up to a 62″ bust.

It is simple and easy to sew. Which makes it equally suitable for novice or experienced dressmakers alike.  Simple video tutorial.

Part of a collection of over 4600 larger size French Vintage patterns we will be sharing.

Inclusive Sizing For real Women

Many Vintage pattern lovers will know how hard it is to find original historical large size vintage patterns. Recently we inherited from a professional French dressmakers son, the largest stash I have ever seen. Over 4600 Original French vintage patterns from the 1930s to 1960s in sizes up to 62 inches (155cm) bust.  

Sewing Patterns to Fit Real  Body Sizes.

There are so many to share it will take time. But every day the patterns are been digitized, sewn and tested by experienced ladies with a lifetime of sewing factory skills & hands-on knowledge.  

The originals are of course all in French and the final patterns instructions will be in French and translated to English.  Fully illustrated Free Vintage sewing manuals are also available to download and help you with the traditional sewing techniques.

Get the size and fit you want

Our Patterns Come In a Range of Sizes

Sew Alongs and Tutorials

Sew along tutorials or mini videos of certain elements of the patterns will be put on the blog tutorial section to help the novice sewists learn visually. 

The language and written instructions are detailed. They can be quaint and charming too, but they assume you have experience. We hope the videos will help you with any sewing techniques and new or unfamiliar instructions.

Vintage Sewing Made Easy

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We have a whole range of retro and vintage sewing patterns.

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