Halloween Spellbook Craft Kit

4 Complete Kits.

              • You save $15.00 with 35% off the RRP price.
              • Free shipping worldwide
              • Create your own personal style with 4 different sets of pieces

Discover how you can create amazing looking Halloween Spellbooks.


Stand out from the crowd, and become a Halloween crafting Witch or Wizard. Here’s how to make a magical Halloween Spellbook…

Halloween is such a great time, Pumpkin Jack O’Lanterns, Candy and Spooky Fun.

We all love it.

We all want something that looks great, doesn’t look like it came off the store shelf and makes people say wow.

It would be incredible to get back to those old-style Halloweens, but the world is so fast who has the time…

However, with glue, simple spray paint and the Halloween spellbook kits, you can.


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