Top 5 simple sewing helpers I would not be without


Variable Hem Guide

Make marking your skirt and dress hems quick and consistently perfect. download my free paper version here


Iron / Wash away machine basting thread

This thread, when just filled onto a spare spool is perfect if you are unsure when sewing  or when fitting a garment: you can quickly pop into spool case and sew the seam. Simply iron the seam and the thread dissolves – no horrible annoying unpicking! It will also wash away, but if you keep the real thread on top that will need removing. For full basting use both top and bottom, then it will wash away fully. Perfect for your first fittings


GHD hair straightners

Yes you heard me correctly, I have mine switched on whenever I am dressmaking, perfect for pressing seam ends open when you want to sew several seams but know not pressing the seams is a bad no no for quality sewing, sometimes I  cheat a little and just press the end when the next seam will overlap. Also great for pressing bias binding seams, facings seams – anything small but important.


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Sewing clips in place of pins

These are one of the modern helpers more and more people are using, I love them, great for extra thick seams, fabric with nap like velvets, leather, faux leather when no pin holes wanted. So useful i keep a tub velcro’d to my sewing machine table so i don’t knock them off!

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