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A pandemic can change a lot of things… 

I’ve always loved history but little did I know that it would lead me to a stash of vintage French sewing patterns. 

We recently inherited a huge treasure trove of French Vintage sewing patterns from a professional French dressmaker’s son, many of them vintage plus sizes. At that point, I realised what an amazing find I had. Before I knew it I’d suddenly found myself immersed in a world of history, and without realising I began to find I recognised shapes and styles from different epochs.

With each new discovery, I was learning more.

I quickly became enchanted and realised I had to make sure that others would be able to experience the joys of this massive collection too. While at the same time I felt I must preserve this incredibly valuable historic reference and resource for the future.  

Oh, and did I also mention there is a lot of them! At a rough estimate, there are at least 4600+.

It’s a huge amount, and I still haven’t even opened them all yet.

This is going to be an ongoing endeavour, but I know it’s a worthwhile passion project. To be able to give people access to these rare historical patterns, and to breathe new life into these hard to find plus size sewing patterns. To preserve the history and knowledge contained inside them. It’s a fantastic journey and one that is only beginning.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me…

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At Timeless Templates, we want to make these wonderful French vintage patterns available to all sizes

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