5 Novice Sewing Machine Mistakes.

Sewing machines are fantastic tools, like any tool though they can sometimes be tricky to master.
Here are 5 great beginners’ tips that will save you time and have you using your machine like a pro in no time. 


Needles Are So Important.

 Problems with them can be invisible but ohhhh they can really mess up your sewing karma.

 Bad stitches, poor tension, looping threads, pulling fabrics, breaking threads are just a few of the problems that can link back to a bad needle.

My sewing law is at the first sign of a problem:  Change the needle before messing with anything else.

Print off this schmetz-needle-chart for the best advice on the right needle for the right job.


Starting To Sew With the Presser Foot Up!!

Yup, every novice has done this.

It makes a lovely spaghetti tangled mess that needs cleaning out. When this happens always make sure every thread is removed from under the spool feed area.

It can also cause the needle to bend and become burred.

Re-thread and learn to double-check foot is down until it becomes second nature.


Using the Wrong Machine Foot for the Task at Hand.

It can feel intimidating at first looking at all the specialist machine feet available. 

You only really need a few, and once you learn how to use them your finishes will be professional, you will save time and it will be far less stress for you.


Using Poor Quality or Old Thread /Fabric

Avoid the 5 reels for a $1 bin unless they are named brands and are not sun faded!

Modern 120 gauge polyester will do for a wide range of fabrics, however, be aware one thread does not suit all fabrics.

Needle size, fabric type and thread type are all interconnected for the correct thread tension.

Cheap fabrics can be a bargain or a nightmare. So always pre-wash your fabric and remember it’s often cheap for a reason, if you are prepared to work hard it’s often best not to let your project down with terrible quality materials.


Blaming Sewing Machine Due to Inexperience

It can be frustrating when you have plans and ideas of what you want to make. But the sewing machine does not seem to be doing what you want. 
It’s very common to see and hear lots of cursing at a machine when the problems are really due to inexperience in using it.  If you are a novice dressmaker the fastest way to succeed is patience. Accept there will be mistakes, lots of them. There will be tangled uneven stitching, bad tension, and broken needles. 
If you sat at a piano you wouldn’t expect to be a maestro in 5 minutes, and you would not blame a defective piano. 
The fastest way to learn is to practice.
Always make mock-ups. If you are trying any new techniques set yourself some practice runs. You could do 5 mock-ups of inserting a zip or 5 of a welt pocket. Remember back to back practice allows each problem to be resolved, and your brain will adjust to the task at hand.
You will get there so do not bully yourself or your machine!
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