Adjusting Bust Apex Height on Princess Seam

How to adjust the bust apex height on a princess seam is a very simple process. 

The steps below show you how to raise or lower the bust apex to fit your own body shape. 



It’s a simple adjustment to change the height of your bust apex on a princess seam.

Always make these adjustments on your muslin first, We will keep stressing that body shapes vary so much and the bust more than any other body part, take time to learn your shape and adjust the patterns. 

Print the pattern pieces that have the bust curve seam on them.

Mark the point of the original bust apex, here shown as red dots.

Draw a square around this section of the pattern and cut out.

Raise or lower this section to match your new bust position that you measured from the high shoulder point. 

Showing the lowering of the the bust apex.

Re draw the curves into the new bust position. 

If you are changing both the bust cup size and the bust apex height. The general rule is to alter the bust cup size first, then adjust the bust apex height second. 

Don’t overstress it! if you are correctly making a muslin then you will be able to perfect your shape.