Patterns come in two formats, and we are going to look at affordable ways to use the Copy shop files!   

Pros and Cons 

PDF Print at Home 

 The biggest pro is that you can get started with your pattern with no waiting. You print it off on your own printer, and get going straight away – and, no postage costs.   

Plus, in the future, you can always print it again.  

The only con is construction. It’s not really a con as many people love sticking all the pieces together. For those that don’t, there is… 

PDF Copy Shops  

These are companies that will print your pattern at “Full Size” (A0 International/36 x 48” US),  


Pdf Plotting 

Cost per AO Sheet: $1.39 (minimum order $10) 

Shipping: Starts from $5.99 UPS ground (1 day available)  



Cost per AO Sheet: €3.20 



Plan printing 24 

Cost per AO Sheet: £0.75 (minimum order £5.00) 

Shipping: £5.00 on folded orders. £10 on rolled orders 


Preiswart Plotten De 

Cost per AO Sheet: €1.29  

Shipping:  Starting at €1.84 


Repro Plot Service 

Cost per AO Sheet: €1.76 

Shipping: NL: €6.45 Belgium: €7.95 

New Zealand 


Cost per AO Sheet: $5 for folded. $4 for rolled 

Shipping: FOLDED shipping included – ROLLED $18/$20 



Cost per AO Sheet: $4.35 

Shipping: Starting from $5.95