Assembly of PDF Print at Home Patterns

how to print pdf patterns at home

All of our Pdf Download sewing patterns and templates print on either USA letter size paper or European A4 size paper with no fuss or adjustment needed. 

Simply check your printer is set to auto rotate (or auto centre) and no scaling, so it is set to 100%. 

The video below shows how to trim edges and assemble. You don’t need tons of sellotape! just join corners until you have cut out whats needed then strengthen joints as needed. 

Print the scaling page first, check it with a ruler to ensure you are printing at 100%.

Check that the faint grey grid prints around the pattern, and 4 boxes are showing.

easy tutorial pdf pattern priting

The pattern must have a faint grey border and the four grey squares – it doesn’t matter if they are not completely in the centre as long as you have the filled grey grid lines. 

Trim the long edge on the right sides and lower short edges only, so you can overlap and tape together.

To get a better idea of how to cut and assemble one of our convenient print-at-home PDF patterns, simply check out the video below. It’s a helpful step-by-step guide that will make the process easy and enjoyable!

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