Buckle Closure Tutorial for Tightlacing Corsets

Leather straps and fancy buckles can make a splendid front fastening for a tight lacing steel boned corset. They can transform a corset into a high-end piece of art when done well, however, it’s important to construct them strongly and accurately to add beauty to your project, whilst keeping the strength and structure of your corset. 

This tutorial will help you achieve the best results.  Templates are free to download using the button below, or ready-made laser-cut guides for all of our corsets patterns – overbust and underbust corsets, men’s corsets plus our angled front explorer corsets are available in the shop.

When cutting the centre front of the corset out, make sure your centre seam measures  60mm / 2 1/2 inches from the centre front fold line for all three layers of the corset. 

Press the seam allowance to the main lining side, with middle lining and top layer fabric to the other side and top stitch.

Fold the centre front of the corset on the centre front fold and use the correct template to mark out the holes of both front corset pieces. 

Showing our aviatrix corset pattern corset fastening with 5 straps.  You can adjust how many straps you want but always keep one on the waistline where the most tension is.

The strap width can vary but the length and rivet hole position must stay exactly as the template says.

The centre hole that the buckle prong fastens into will move slightly according to the size of the buckle. 

Our explorer corset pattern has a centre front panel and angled sides.  The standard pattern is marked for Swing clip fasteners. This New buckle template may be purchased in the shop. It has exact position markings for the sides and centre front panel to make this very strong and substantial corset. 

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