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Available  in all  sizes from 84cm bust (33 inch) to 147cm / 58 inch bust.

Improve your sewing skills and vintage pattern fitting. By sewing a basic body block pattern you will learn your own curves and key body measurements and ratios that you can apply to many other patterns to get the best fit -Before you cut out your good fabrics. 

These basic body blocks are for average height of 165cm / 5ft 5 inch tall. Slightly shorter in the body than industry standard as over the years I have found my average customer has been this height. Easy to adjust body length. 

Measure yourself around bust, waist and full hips. The block patterns are used to make yourself a close fitting basic body shape that you can compare other patterns to for size and fitting. Choose the closest pattern block to your measurements and download and print.

The pattern pieces do not have seam allowances; use a no stretch poly cotton or plain weave mid weight fabric. Mark darts and patterns with fabric marker or normal marker. Use zip for centre back – it doesn’t need to be full length but the full length 0f back is approx 69cm – but a 42cm zip will do.

mark edge of pattern pieces, then add a wide seam allowance. Feel free to write notes  and mark on  the sloper, be prepared to make more than one to get the best fit after adjustments. Thrift shop buys of cotton curtains, duvet covers or old linen are ideal to use for your sloper practice. 

I always stress how a dress dummy will improve your fitting skills and success rate, But i appreciate not everyone has one, a basic body block pattern will help you where or not you have a dressmakers dummy. Try on inside out until your fitting is finished and seams are adjusted to fit. 





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