How to Fix Swing Clips to a Corset Centre Front

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How to Fix metal swing clips / clasps to the front of a tight lacing corset.

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Follow the Harlots and Angels sewing pattern instructions to the point where you have fixed the strip of reinforcing petersham tape.

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Showing inside for centre front panel with the 30mm centre front seam turned towards to lining side.

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Download my Free template to make a guide to mark your corset perfectly for the swing clips. Adjust this guide if your swing clips are different dimensions than given on the guide download. 

Position the guide so the edge is against the centre front edge. Mark all the positions with suitable fabric marking pencil.

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Align other side of corset and mark the top hole exactly level.

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Open the corset front up – do not punch holes in the lining! Only holes if top side and reinforcing strip.

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Insert rivet stems from the back, put swing clips in place and press rivets caps onto the swing clips. 

learn how to make professional corsets

Sew a facing to left side to the back lining so there is no gap showing when the corset is under stress. Press all the rivet caps down. Sew a line close to edge of swing clips on both corset sides to form a channel behind the clips to insert the flat 12mm steel bones. 

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Sew a width of fabric right sides together and turn through, sew closed ready to sew to LINING of the left front corset pannel.

Open up the left front corset panel ad sew the facing close to edge, sew two rows the full lengths of facing. 

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Sew row full length close to the side of swing clips to form a channel to insert the 12mm wide flat steel boning behind the swing clips. the facing finished the front panel.

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