How to Measure Your Head For Hat Making

head measure for hat making

Before you start.

Download and Print out the free head shape sizing guide.

Find a dressmaking tape measure or print one of my free ones.


free head sizing guide for hatmaking

Use the link button above to download the hat sizing guide.

Print out and glue with PVA craft glue to a stiff card. A Cereal or frozen pizza box is perfect.

head measure for hat making

To calculate your European hat size a measurement of the head circumference should be taken in cm. This is best achieved by passing a soft tape measure around the head. Alternatively, a piece of string may be used and measured against a ruler or tape measure. 

Choose the measurement closest to your head and cut this line out on the guide.  Always cut the smallest size and work larger if needed.

The guide is a perfect oval our heads are not. This is why it’s good to cut out a template. Your head may be wider/round or slim and long.

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