How To Sew Your Bias Binding to Corset Edges

Easy to follow corset making Picture tutorial to help when Machine sewing your bias binding to the edges of your corset. I use this method for all my standard corsets, it is not historically accurate. There are many fancy and time consuming ways of hand sewing binding but  that is not for me I like to complete my corset in one sewing session!

Don’t use the very cheap satin bias binding available in many haberdashery stores. Buy the best you can or make your own using a simple bias binding folder. 

I use 22mm (7/8inch) wide bias binding.

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Check the corset is perfectly symmetrical. Be sure that both back edges are exactly same length. 

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Stitch the top edges of each corset half, this just makes it easier to keep binding neat. Don’t get carried away and sew bottoms shut before you insert the boning!

Open up one edge of the bias binding, my binding is 22mm (7/8 inch) folded equally on both edges. I sew slightly to the outer raw edge of the unfolded crease line. The seam width from edge depends on thickness of fabric so check your thickest seam, and as always do a few practice seams on scrap fabric pieces. 

Fold the end of binding to back so edge is covered.

Showing the back where the corset bias binding is tucked under, sometimes you need to tuck the raw edges of corset binding up and under with scissor end. 

Always sew from the right side . Stitch slowly, corset making is about accuracy. Do not pull or stretch the binding, ease it over and keep checking there is enough folded over to catch in the back. If its not catching you may need to start again, sew a new piece rather than reuse if you have pulled the binding.

Repeat the tuck under at the end of the corset, showing here where the raw edge needs pushing up inside the bias binding with tip of scissors. 

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