Mrs Maisel Inspired Beach & Holiday Sun Dresses

1950´s vintage beachwear sewing pattern

The trip to The Catskills is a hoot

From Midge getting booted from the swimwear contest to Abe & his miniature luggage models. 

The lead up to and the summer vacation in The Catskills has some fabulous outfits. From Bikinis to beach robes, we love them all!

Here are a few pictures and photos of lates 1950´s to early 1960´s beachwear we think Midge would be proud of.

Midge on holiday in the Catskills.

1950´s vintage beachwear sewing pattern

This beach playsuit is from 1958, French sewing pattern from Echo de La Mode.

1950´s vintage beachwear sewing pattern

Midge´s summer wrap dress over shorts: This was a very popular holiday choice though out the 1950´s.

We have a few variations of this type of easy wear combination.  Often sewn as separates with top, wrap skirt, bikini or sari top and shorts. Perfect & timeless beach wear. 

This Original French  pattern mor a Mrs Maisel type Beach set is from 1957.

It has halter top, wrap skirt and shorts. The halter can be made with ot without collar.

1950´s vintage beachwear sewing pattern

This beach combination has a dress and shorts. 

The dress is drop waist with a  button down bodice and open front skirt. Tie around the waist.

The original pattern is from Femme d´aujourd ´hui 1958. 

vintage beach dress sewing patterns

We think Midge would approve of the fun styling of this Beach dress.

It is another timeless French original sewing pattern from 1958.

Sleeveless top with soft rolled collar, button down front with large patch pockets on the skirt and flounced lower edge.

 Matching Shorts.


mrs maisel beach dress

This is a very easy to make Cap sleeve beach dress from Patrons “simplex” France 1959.

Very cut and straight forward to sew. all in one dress with button down front and Fabric covered belt.

Long matching shorts and simple strap bodice top for underneath.


Midge encountering Susie for the first time on the lakeside  path in the Catskills. First appearance of “the plunger!”

This scene is just classic and Rachel  Brosnahan carrying it off to perfection wearing a polka dot bikini.