Simple Placket Sewing Method 1

This is a very easy to sew placket

The simple placket sewing tutorial described here is a quick solution for creating an overlapped placket in lightweight fabrics. By folding a length of ribbon and sewing it onto a vent cut into your fabric, you can achieve this look easily.

This technique is particularly useful when you’re short on time and want to finish your project quickly. With this simple placket, you won’t have to worry about any complicated techniques or materials.

So, give it a try and see how easy it is to create a beautiful, professional-looking placket for your garment! 

You’ll be amazed at how transformative this technique can be for your sewing projects.

Preparing your Fabric & Ribbon for the Placket

To make this placket, start by starching and pressing your fabric before cutting it out. This will ensure the best results and make sewing easier.

Next, choose a ribbon or tape that is slightly wider than the rectangle you draw for the placket, about 1.5mm to 3mm wider is ideal.

To determine the width of your placket, use the width of your chosen ribbon or tape as a guide.

Finally, when cutting the ribbon or tape, make sure it is slightly longer than the three sides of your rectangle combined. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to create a beautiful placket that looks great and is easy to sew

fabric for simple placket sewing tutorial

To make the placket, mark a rectangle on your fabric.

We used a 38mm (1 1/2 inch) ribbon, folded in half will make it 19mm wide.

Mark the rectangle at 16mm (5/8″) wide and 150mm (6″) long.

Draw a line along the centre and into the lower corners.

Then, stay stitch around the outside of the rectangle precisely on the line, following the markings you have made.

Cut down the center line of the rectangle that you marked and continue to cut diagonally into the corners. This will create the opening for the placket.

Next in this simple placket sewing tutorial open the vent that you just cut into a straight line. This will allow you to attach the ribbon or tape for the placket. 

Attaching the Ribbon to the Placket

a simple placket tutorial

To attach the ribbon to the placket, stitch it just to the outside of your staystitching.

Make sure the ribbon length is slightly longer than the sewing line to avoid any gaps

To sew the ribbon in place, lay it along the staystitching edge, making sure it’s slightly inside the edge.

Fold the ribbon and sew through all layers slowly and carefully.

a simple placket tutorial a picture of how to attach a ribbon

The folded ribbon completely contains the edges.

This method fully covers the raw edges of the placket for a neat finish.

Finishing the Placket

pressing the ribbon in a simple placket tutorial

Next, gently move the fabric back into shape, and ease the ribbon so it is folded as shown in the picture.

Then, using a pressing cloth to protect delicate fabric, press the placket to give it a neat finish.

A sewing tutorial how to make a simple placket.

Topstitch the triangle shape, that is formed when folding the ribbon.

Trim the ribbon to be level with the top of your fabric.

Congratulations! You’ve completed this easy placket sewing tutorial, and now that the placket is finished, you’ll be amazed at how transformative this technique can be for your sewing projects.

Happy Sewing.

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