Digital Download and Troubleshooting Guides

Basic Troubleshooting Guides

Here you will find some basic troubleshooting guides for downloading and unzipping your files.

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Unable to download my PDF pattern

1. Use a Pc or a Mac 

You should download your pattern on a desktop or laptop computer, even if you bought your pattern with a smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices can’t open the ZIP file that contains your PDF files inside it.  

2. Did you receive the pattern download link? 

When you buy a Timeless Templates pattern, you’ll immediately get an email that contains the download link for your pattern and a link at the checkout. 

However, if you don’t receive an email shortly after you finish checkout please check :

  • Spam/Junk folders.
  • If using Googlemail check the Social and Promotions Tabs.
  • Always check your other email addresses just in case your browser auto-filled the wrong one.
  • Sometimes we simply mistype our email address (yes we’ve all done it!) If you still can’t find your download email then contact us. 
3. Downloading the file
You should always wait for your file to download completely before attempting to open them. Almost all of our downloadable files are in the “.zip” format and vary in size from pattern to pattern. Therefore depending on your internet speed and pattern file sizes the download cant take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes.
If for any reason the pattern file fails to download, the first thing is to try again. Once the file has downloaded you will need to “Unzip” the file.

How to Unzip a File

Please follow the steps mentioned below: 
How to Unzip on a PC 
  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder location that contains your zipped folder. The location usually will be This Pc >Downloads. 
  2. Select and right click on the Zipped folder to open up the pop up menu. 
  3. Click “Extract All” in the pop up menu. 
  4. pop up Dialogue Box will appear and ask you to select a destination where you would like to extract your files. 
  5. Select the “Browse” button and navigate to where on your PC you would like to save your files.  
  6. Select the folder you would like to extract to and click “Select Folder”. 
  7. The Address URL in the dialogue box should now  how where you want to save your files. 
  8. Make sure the “Show extracted Files when complete” check box is ticked. 
  9. Now click “Extract” 
  10. An un Zipped Folder is created in the location you specified and will contain all your files. 
  11. Done! 
How to Unzip on a Mac 
  1. Double Click on the Zipped folder 
  2. An unzipped folder is created in the same folder as the Zipped Folder is in. 
  3. Done! 
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